Ambala Air Base Welcomes Dassault Rafale Jets

In a major boost to the Indian Air Force, The first batch of 5 Rafale jets land at Ambala airbase. The French jets will be a major deterrent as India is facing threats from Pakistan and China. Pakistan Air Force's F16 currently holds the upper hands, but experts believe it would take two F16 to face Rafale jets. Rafal's maximum speed of 579 knots beats the F16's 410 knots speed. The ability of Rafale jets to fly in high altitudes will add another layer of security to our North and Western borders. The Rafales jets have a maximum cruise altitude of 50000 feet.

Though the Chinese military claims their Chengdu J20 and Shenyang J 31 have better stealth capabilities. They have been caught on Indian Radars time and again. Rafale is manufactured by Dassault Aviation known for manufacturing jets like the Mirage 2000s. The Mirage 2000 avoided Pak's Radar and bombed terror training camps in Balakot. Rafale is also combat-proven in Libya, Syria, and Iraq where the French Fighter Rafale was able to earn a name for itself.

The Chinese jets are yet to prove themselves battle-worthy. They are also considered as an attempted copy of the F22 Raptor and the F35 lightning. Apart from all these capabilities, The Rafale jets weapons package outguns all other weapons systems in the region. The Primary weapon is The European made Meteor. A beyond visual range Air to Air Missile. It can take out any enemy fighter aircraft at a range of over 100km. The Rafale jets also have air to surface missile, SCALP, with a range of 300km that can take down any target of Pakistan's soil.

India has purchased 36 Rafale jets which will be delivered by the year 2021. The first batch of five French Rafale jets out of 36 purchased by India in a multi-billion dollar deal which is about to set to land in Ambala today. The timing of their arrival could not be more critical given that India is locked in a tense standoff with China in several areas along the line of actual control (LAC).