An untold story of Kargil Conflict

Kargil conflict took place in the Drass sector of Ladakh of Jammu and Kashmir. The Pakistani army sent its soldier in the name of an intruder in the winter to take over the area. The main objective ass to cut the connection between Ladakh and Kashmir and to create the tension at the Indian border.

The Kargil conflict as it is called was not a conventional war. The territory intrusion by neighbour did not result in full-fledged war but was limited to a specific area with limited army involvement. First conflict after gaining nuclear capability. India had conducted its second nuclear test in 1998 followed by a neighbour first. So the conflict in 1999 was the first conflict between two nuclear power nations. The Indian army had deployed 7 lakh soldiers to counter the enemy forces at LOC. And the operation went on for three months. High in the Himalayas in Kashmir and Laddakh, 205 km east of Srinagar, 234 km to the west of Leh is a small town, The name is made up of two words Kar and Gil. Kar means castle and Gil means centre. As a land lays in between the centre of castles. In 1999, this place became the centre of international trig and war between India and neighbour. India at Kargil had to fire over 250000 bombs and shells guns and rockets across the LOC. On 20th of February 1999 at the Wagah border The Indian Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee received by the Pakistani PM Navaj Sharif. As two of them stepped forward for a handshake and a hug initiated by Indian PM. This seemed like two nations had solved their issues and finally, New Delhi and Lahore are now connected. This was a first visit of the two nations. Across the nation, there were agitations against the visit. Chief of army staff boycotted the event. PM Vajpayee told the people that message to them is short and simple put aside the bitterness of the past and let us together make a new beginning. In November 1998 before the three months of PM Vajpayee visit to Pakistan Lt Gen Mehmood Ahmed an artillery officer went to meet his chief Gen Parvez Musharaf. And he was accompanied by Gen Javed Hasan. This trio had made the plan and decided to execute the plan which was shelved long ago. In the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir the wind was high and the summer short and dry temperature can go up to 30 degree and high and in winter it can become -35 degree. Along the LOC these lines were controlled by both the armies. Four Pakistani army personnel put up the simple but dubious plan to destabilize this state. From Rawalpindi HQ a secret order received to occupy the bunkers which wad vacated by the Indian army in 1998. This was probably unknown to both countries Prime Ministers. As nations were about to announce the new era of the relationship of India Of Pakistan. And opposite army had captured the Indian land. Now India made a move The battalion had the appropriate gear to take down the Pakistani army.