French Made Dassault Rafale Jets To Meet Indian Soil Soon

The first batch of the Rafale jets has taken to the sky from France and they have reached the UAE. These aircraft will be covering the total distance of 7000km from France to Ambala where they are expecting to arrive tomorrow afternoon. The jets have been flown by the seven IAF pilots. Laid by commanding officer group captain Harkirat Singh. Once the Rafale jets reach India, The final induction ceremony will take place in mid-August. These aircraft fighters likely to be deployed on the eastern border of Ladakh, Which assumes significance with China currently.

The Rafale weaponry is easily the best in class it can give China a run. The Rafale is a multirole fighter jet which means it is capable of performing multiple roles in different weather conditions. It is capable of countering the new edge Chinese jets. It is also a nuclear-capable fighter jet which means nuclear weapons that can be fitted on the Rafale jet and can be fired and that would be a strong message to a China. And most importantly it is well suited for mountain Ladakh like regions. It is also been battle-proven in regions like Libya, Syria, Afganistan, etc.

The Rafale jets will definitely boost India's air power to new heights. Because of the fact that these jets are outclassed of the front line fighter jets of some of the other including China.

Anatomy of the Rafale

The weapons package of the Rafale is all above the other. It can escape various systems without being detected.

Meteor Missile: It is the best Air to Air missile in its class. It can take out enemy aircraft at a range of over 100km.

Scalp Missile: It is long-range Air to the Ground missile. A deadly deep-strike missile with the range of over 300km, which means it can easily strike within the distance of 300km actually by not crossing the LOC. Rafale will also be fitted with MICA Air to Air beyond visual range interception, combat, and self-defense system. The missile onboard for IAFwill be a game-changer.

With an eye on the LAC IAF is also to procure the HAMMER missile, It is Air to ground missile will be procured on emergency procurement. It comes with a range of 60km and the Rafale is already configured to fire it. For 20years the IAF has been handicapped on long-range weapons and sensors compared with the Pakistani weapons but now no more.

Former IAF officer, Air marshal Ahluwalia said the Rafale has the ability to perform the operations without being detected and this is will add more power to the Indian Air Force.