HAL TEJAS - India's very own Fighter Aircraft

Today we are going to know the HAL Tejas India's very own multirole fighter jet. so, let's get into this unique machine that India is making indigenously. HAL Tejas is classified as a single-seat and single-engine multirole fighter. You might get surprised some time why it is called LCA, there is a reason for that. This is because this fighter is developed under the concept of a light combat aircraft program. which is a long term developing program conducted by India, however, Tejas didn't get this name until the year 2003.

Now one thing is super important here that HAL Tejas is also classified as a supersonic fighter. in addition, HAL Tejas is the only second supersonic aircraft developed by the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautical Limited known as HAL. Also, HAL TEJAS is the only aircraft that is smaller and lightest supersonic aircraft in its category in the entire world.

Now let's take a look at why this aircraft was build in its first place. Pretty much back in the day, The India Navy knew that they needed to develop a new fighter to replace the never-aging MIG 21 Because by 1980 the MIG 21s will get outdated despite its gets the updation many times. And that's where the light combat aircraft came into the picture. specifically in 1989, the LCA committee was formed. And for the development of its own unique aircraft began. Initially, it was supposed to have the Indian made radar system but unfortunately, because of some issues,

HAL moved to an Israeli made radar system. After several tests of conducted and then Indian airforce ordered its first 20 of these. and after that, its went several tests. consequently, the Indian Navy also gave the order of these aircraft for them. then Indian Airforce approved its first design and it was approved for the initial operational clearance. Shortly after that, the Naval version was made and it took its first flight in 2012. And then the HAL Tejas gave the final operational clearance in 2019. this aircraft took a long journey.

The IAF had a lot of interest in the aircraft and they had ordered 125 of these aircraft in 2015. in fact, in 2011 it has its first squadron formed known as the flying draggers no.45 squad. HAL Tejas took part in the International Air Show Behrine in 2016.