India's most lethal destroyer The INS IMPHAL

India's most lethal destroyer The INS IMPHAL.

INS IMPHAL is 3rd ship of Vishakhapattanam class. These are stealth guided-missile destroyer ships of the Indian Navy. INS IMPHAL was recently launched on 23rd April 2019. The keel of INS IMPHAL laid down on 19th May 2017 and it is expected to enter in service by 2023. The Ship is named to recognize the Indian soldier who fought the battle of Imphal during world war 2. The Vishakhapatnam class stealth guided-missile destroyer is an improvement over the Kolkata class. The class comprises of 4 ships. Of which INS VISHAKHAPATTANAM is a lead ship. Followed by INS MURMAGAON and now INS IMPHAL. This also expected the last ship of its class will be called INS KOHIMA. This type of class ship is expected to enter the service in 2021.  With the induction of all four ships, the capability of the Indian Navy will enhance by many folds. The propulsion system used in these ships combined gas turbine and gas turbine propulsion system. This type of propulsion system uses 2 gas turbine engines that are connected to a single propular. Usually, the gas turbine engine operates best. This type of class ships can cruise at a maximum speed of 30 knots. Which is approximately 56 km per hour. It has a range of 4000 nautical miles. This ship can accommodate 50 officers and 250 sailors.

The ship has one of the best RADARs and sensors available in the world today. They are equipped with long-range RADAR made by ISRAELI firms and called EL/M 2248. The ship is also equipped with long-range band air search radar. It is also equipped with BEL HUMSA NG Indian made SONAR systems. And the last one but not the least is also equipped with a KAVACH SHAFT system made by the ordnance factory board. The ELM MF 2248 star is a multifunctional active electronically scanned array naval RADAR system and it is developed by IAI DELTA Since its an S-band RADAR. The antennas are large in size. This RADAR ca track any incoming aircraft at 250 km and when it comes to the sea-skimming cruise missile it can track them at a distance of 20km. LW 08 is a D Band RADAR made by a French company. It can perform long-range detection within the target range of 270km. When it comes to the small missiles it can locate them at a distance of 100km. Usually, the D Band RADAR is very long and is only limited by the earth's curvature. Thus these two form a very deadly combination. and these types of class ships are Fortress in themselves. But the real punch comes with its weapon power package. The guided-missile destroyer is equipped with best in class BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missiles. The missile can be used in anti-shipping roles and can also be used in land-attack mode. it can carry 16 BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missiles. These ships are also equipped with Barack8 surface to air missile systems in its vertical carrying systems. it can carry up to 32 Barack8 missiles with the range of 100km. It also carries a naval artillery piece a 127mm auto marula. It also has 4 33mm torpedo tubes and anti-submarine rocket launchers. These warships can carry 2 helicopters.   In the coming days, INS Imphal will be getting new upgrades and it will become more lethal than before.