Indian Military Air Space Defending Weaponry

Today we are going to have a look, can India defence its air space? Let's discuss this today. India is one of the strongest nations in the world and it has some world-class air defence system. In a difficult scenario, an aircraft enters in air space, at first it picks by early warning radar systems and then the information is processed to identify its speed and location, type. Then the information is passed to the nearest communication systems and then finally to the base. after this its decision whether to engage it or let it go.

The 9k 38 IGLA

  • The 9k 38 ILGA. These are the very shortest range of air defence systems. With the shoulder-mounted launcher. ILGA uses dual-band seeker. These are soon to replace advanced man pad systems.

The second line of defence is Anti-aircraft auto canon guns.

  • These are the auto canons which uses shells to knockout the aircraft. These can be shot at very very short intervals. These are still very effective against the low flying aircraft and UAV's, but not against the modern fighter jets. This Systems will have a tough time against the helicopters. Especially the attack helicopters.

Then comes the 9K 33 OSA

  • The 9K 33 OSA. These are derived from the Naval OSA. These are lighter as they are not required any stabilisation. The unit contains various radars operating at various different frequencies. Since it has a pair of missiles monitoring systems, it can guide two missiles simultaneously. The frequencies are divided into the various band. Each band has its own advantage.

Next from the vintage infantry is 2K 12 KUB.

  • The 2K 12KUB is an armoured mounted surface to air missile systems. A typical battery has four launchers. with 3 missiles each. Each battery has a supply truck carrying 3-6 missiles each. It also has a radar unit mounted on the armoured body with all-terrain mobility.

The Next unit is very famous S 125 PECHORA

  • The S 125 PECHORA is a modern standard missile system with nearly perfect kill rate, with the 2 missiles fire simultaneously at the same target. This missile system is very capable that it has taken down many legendry aircraft, drones.

The next air defence system is SPYDER

  • The SPYDER air defence system India Has acquired from Israel. As its name its a surface to air missile defence system. this systems even can take down the most advance missiles coming in its possible range.

The next is Indigenously made AKASH missile system

AKASH missile system battery consists of 4 self-propelled launcher systems. Each launcher has 3 SAMs. Each on then a battery level RADAR and a command post. 2 batteries are deployed as a squadron for the navy while 4 for the Indian army formation. The Indian military is already operating these missiles in huge numbers.

Currently, the DRDO is developing some new QRSAM missiles and also INDIA and ISRAEL are working jointly to upgrade Barack 8 missiles. The next system is famous across the world the S 400 TRIUMPH

India is also working on the ballistics missile shield. The initial tests are successful. The system consists of a two-tier defence system. DRDO id working on all solid propels which will be used in final defence systems. By looking at all these AIR DEFENCE SYSTEMS which India has, can provide protection against almost all types of threat that might occur. what you guys think please comment and discuss.