The F-16 Fighting Falcon vs Mirage 2000 which is better?

Let's first take a look at the f-16 Fighting Falcon So the f-16 remains the world's most successful combat-proven multi-role fighter Approximately 3000 are operational and these guys are in service in 25 different countries the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine supersonic multi-role fighter aircraft that I was originally developed by General Dynamics Which is now Lockheed Martin for the United States Air Force now in terms of its air combat role the f-16s Maneuverability and combat radius it exceeds all of the potential fighting aircraft.

That would be a threat to it It can locate targets in all weather conditions and it can detect low-flying aircraft in radar ground clutter when you look at its ear-to-ear surface role the f-16 Fighting Falcon can fly more than 500 miles which is 860 kilometers and now it delivers its weapons with superior accuracy and defends itself against enemy aircraft the f-16 Is the brainchild of Colonel John Boyd who along with the mathematician Thomas Christie and other? Innovators they secured the US DOD Department of Defense funding for General Dynamics and Northrup to design a lightweight agile aircraft So the f-16s were produced from 1973 to 2017 and also now 2019 the number of them that have been built are 4604 and the cost of these guys will run up 29.1 million dollars US.

Now looking at the Mirage 2000 so the Dassault Mirage 2000 is a French multi-role single-engine fourth-generation Jetfighter, and it's manufactured by Dassault Aviation This baby took its first flight in the year in 1978 And it was introduced in the French Air Force in the year 1984 So the Mirage 2000 has nine heart points for carrying weapons System payloads five on the fuselage and two on each wing the single-seat version is also armed with two internal Mounted high firing rate 300-millimeter guns for its air-to-air weapons it includes the mic a multi-target air-to-air intercept and Combatant missiles as well as there's a magic to combat missiles Now the Mirage 2000 can carry four mi CA missiles it can carry two magic missiles as well as three drop tanks Simultaneously the Mirage 2000 can fire the MBDA super 530d Missiles or the MBDA sky flash air-to-air missiles as an alternative to the mi CA missile.

The Mirage 2000 is also equipped 'add to carry a range of air-to-surface missiles and weapons Including laser-guided bombs now. This aircraft has produced between the years 1978 to 2007 and only 601 were built and it's just a little bit more pricey than the f-16 These will cost you thirty point six million dollars u.s. Next up in this episode. I want to take a look at the specifications and the designs of these two aircraft and see how they differ from one another So with the f-16 in designing this aircraft We see advanced aerospace science proven reliability systems from other aircrafts such as f15 and the f-111

The f-16 Fighting Falcon is also available in both single and CC Configurations and it's also a single-engine aircraft The fighter jet came into the limelight when it really became the first fighter aircraft to pull 9g maneuvers reaching a maximum speed of over Mach 2 now It has a maximum high speed of 2,000 120 km/h It has a length of 50 point zero six meters and has a total Wingspan of nine point nine six meters now when it's not loaded up with any weapons or anything like that the plane weighs approximately 8,000 570 kilograms And has a maximum takeoff weight of nineteen thousand two hundred kilograms.

The f-16 Fighting Falcon uses a pratt Whitney f100 Jan 20 engine which is an upgraded version of the Pratt Whitney f100 PW 200 engines with which the f-16 Block C and D were initially powered by now the F-16 included several different innovations like its frameless bubble canopy and this allow a pilot to have much better visibility It has a side-mounted control stick and a reclined seat to really reduce the g-force effects on the pilot the f-16 also carries rockets air-to-air missiles air-to-surface Missiles and air to ship missiles along with a wide range of bombs and also has radar Onboard take a look now at the Mirage 2000 specs and details you see the Mirage 2000 uses a single shaft engine that is light and simple as compared to other jet engines and is called the NC ECM am 53 the majority of the Mirage 2000 is powered by the NSC ECM an M53 p2 engine.

This aircraft is ideally designed to seat single fighter pilots but it can be made into a twin sea jet and this just really depends on the kind of use that any military is gonna be using this aircraft for it has a total length of fourteen point three six meters and its wingspan is a total of 91 points three meters the plane weighs about 7,500 kilograms when it's not carrying any weapons or any extra gear and it has a total takeoff weight of 17,000 kilograms the Mirage 2000 has a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 which works out to be two thousand three hundred and thirty-six kilometers per hour and it can travel 1,550 kilometers with drop tanks.

The maximum flight height is at 59 thousand feet Which are 17 kilometers now taking a little bit more of a closer look so the Marashi thousand has a fly-by-wire flight control system and it has a sextant ve 130 HUD or head-up display which displays data related to flight control navigation Target engagement and weapon firing in terms of its armament the Mirage 2000 can carry laser-guided bombs air-to-air and air-to-surface Missiles and it has a Thomson-CSF Rdy, which stands for radar Doppler multi-target and that radar is onboard of the aircraft as well now what are some of the variants of these aircraft for the f16 you see the models are denoted by Block numbers that represent the upgrades.

So for example, the f-16 and B that's the first set of aircraft and in the block a that's the single-seat block B is the twin seed version of the aircraft then there's F-16 C and D the f-16 Ian F the f16 i-n they have 16 IQ They have 16 and the f-16 V and the Q f-16 all are different variations of the aircraft with different upgrades that allow the aircraft to do different things like for example The Q f-16 you don't need a pilot for that aircraft. It operates more like a drone now for the Mirage 2000 It has a lot more variants than the f-16 There's a mirage 2000c the mirage 2000n the mirage 2000d there's a 5 F version There's a 5 mark - there's thee the M the mirage 2000h and the Mirage 2000 I there's also the P the 5e I the 5 e da the ADR ad the eg the BR and the broad 2009 all of the aircraft that I just mentioned our Mirage 2000 is just sometimes I didn't want to say Mirage 2000 because I probably sound like a robot and I'm tired of seeing the name Roger mm Oh my god now coming down to the bottom of this.

We see that the f-16 Fighting Falcon is the world's most numerous fixed-wing aircraft in the military So yeah, there's a lot of off-16s are made like as I mentioned over 4,500 of them the f-16s are used by 25 countries in total including Turkey Belgium Norway the United States as well as Pakistan the Mirage 2000 is used by a lot fewer countries. And those are Brazil the United Arab Emirates Egypt Greece India, Peru Qatar, and France There's about 600 of these that have been built over the course of 30 years with these differences, Of course, There are pros and cons to each jet if you were to put them head-to-head and we like the Mirage is faster and lighter however The x16 can out power the Mirage 2000 in air-to-air combat All due to its agility and it's the better capacity to carry weapons and not to mention the f-16 also has better visibility, However, the Mirage 2000 can carry laser-guided bombs which gives it an advantage in weapon precision.